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    Random Society 30 presents...

    By Stephen Sondheim, John Weidman

    20:45, Fri 2nd August 2019 - Wed 7th August 2019 at Barbican Centre
    Summer Vacation

    Assassins is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by John Weidman, based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr. It uses the premise of a murderous carnival game to produce a revue-style portrayal of men and women who attempted to assassinate Presidents of the United States. The music varies to reflect the popular music of the eras depicted.
    The musical first opened Off-Broadway in 1990, and the 2004 Broadway production won five Tony Awards.

    Get involved with Assassins:
    Designer roles for Assassins

    We are looking for: Artistic Director , Production Designer, Supreme Artistic Overlord

      Contact Random Contact 15, before 24th Jun 2021 16:07 for more details.


      James A. Garfield -
      Leon Czolgosz -
      Samuel Byck -
      Lee Harvey Oswald -
      John Wilkes Booth -
      John Hinckley, Jr. -
      The Balladeer -
      James Garfield -
      Emma Goldman -
      David Herold -
      Samuel Byck -
      Leon Czolgosz -
      Giuseppe Zangara -
      Sara Jane Moore -
      Lynette Fromme -
      Gerald Ford -
      Charles J. Guiteau -
      James G. Blaine -
      The Proprietor -


      Harspichord -
      Keys -
      Drums -
      Flute -

      Production Team

      Director -
      Producer -
      Musical Director -
      Writer -
      Composer -
      Technical Director -
      Lighting Designer -
      Choreographer -
      Publicity Designer -
      Sound Designer -
      Costume Designer -
      Set Designer -
      Carpenter -
      Production Manager -
      Publicist -
      Stage Manager -
      Deputy Stage Manager -