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    Le Cid
    By Pierre Corneille

    20:00, Sun 27th October 2019 - Thu 31st October 2019 at Noël Coward Theatre
    19:15, Sun 3rd November 2019 - Thu 7th November 2019 at Noël Coward Theatre
    19:45, Sun 10th November 2019 - Thu 14th November 2019 at Noël Coward Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 3 to Week 5

    Le Cid is a tragicomedy written by Pierre Corneille and published in 1636. It is based on the legend of El Cid.
    The play followed Corneille's first true tragedy, Médée, produced in 1635. An enormous popular success, Corneille's Le Cid was the subject of a heated polemic over the norms of dramatic practice known as the Querelle du Cid. Cardinal Richelieu's Académie française acknowledged the play's success, but determined that it was defective, in part because it did not respect the classical unities.

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