Sign In sheet for The Bacchae (3/8/2020 - 20/8/2020)

TechDressMon 3/8/20 20:45Tue 4/8/20 20:45Wed 5/8/20 20:45Thu 6/8/20 20:45Mon 10/8/20 21:45Tue 11/8/20 21:45Wed 12/8/20 21:45Thu 13/8/20 21:45Mon 17/8/20 20:30Tue 18/8/20 20:30Wed 19/8/20 20:30Thu 20/8/20 20:30
Jude Law
Production Team
Edward Norton
Katharine Hepburn
Christina Applegate
Mel Gibson
William Shatner
Dustin Hoffman
James Earl Jones
Gwyneth Paltrow
Joan Rivers
Al Green
Denzel Washington
Joan Rivers
Madeline Kahn
Julie Andrews
Al Pacino
Brian Dennehy

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