Development Site

This site contains fictional data and does not write to the real Camdram database - read more information.



The Camdram API allows anyone to create their own applications which read and write the data on Camdram using a REST-based API. Data currently supported includes:

  • Shows
  • Venues
  • Societies
  • People

In order to make write requests you must create an API key. API keys can be associated with a user, or a society/venue for which you are an administrator. If your app only performs read-only actions, you are still advised to create an API key so that we can better monitor how the API is used. Additionally, non authenticated API requests are subjected to a lower rate limit.

The API uses the same URL structure as Camdram itself - if you're not what the URL is, try simply adding '.json' or '.xml' to the URL for a relevant page.