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Technical roles for My Fair Lady

My Fair LadyS-8
19:45, Wed 22nd December 2021 - Sat 25th December 2021 at Royal Opera House, London
Christmas Vacation

We are looking for: Director , Costume Designer , Photographer , Writer , Publicity Designer , Sound Designer , Production Electrician , Production Manager , Composer , Chief Electrician , Editor , Assistant Stage Manager , Publicist , Producer , Lighting Designer , Deputy Stage Manager , Technical Director 

    Contact Random Contact 18 before 12th Mar 2021 23:33 for more details.

    A very very long tech extra because some people don't know when to stop. You know the type,they will go on and on about the show hoping to persuade you to do it because it is exciting withscaffolding and balloons and probably a raised forestage.

    Created at 15th Jan 2021 23:33
    Last updated at 15th Jan 2021 23:33